Server Configurator This tool was designed to help IT professionals configure the right server for the business needs.    
    7Ops Game This game was designed to be a fun learning tool for employees.    
    CRM Tool This tool helps clients gauge their readiness for a Customer Relationship Management initiative.    
    2002 Holiday Card A golf game with the option of playing either a winter or summer course.    
    2003 Holiday Card A holiday puzzle that Unisys employees could customize and send to their respective clients.    
    2004 Holiday Card Can you navigate home without losing any of your holiday packages?    
    2005 Holiday Card Can you find all the constellations before sunrise?    
    Mobility Mayhem This interactive piece was designed to promote the customized mobility solutions offered by Unisys.    
    Re-branding Promo This Flash piece offered a more compelling introduction to the Unisys re-branding effort.    
    Golf Scoring Promo This animation integrates video to create a more compelling home page presentation.    
    B.T.U. Promo This home page animation for Unisys relies on the viewer to look beyond the obvious solution.    
    S.B.O. Promo This animation for Secure Business Operations leverages the new Unisys brand in its design.    
    Email Security Promo This interactive piece walks the user through the potential dangers hidden in email correspondence.    
    Identity Theft Promo This animation leverages a unique illustration style to convey its message.    
    Client "Wins" Interface This interface was designed to highlight the latest client engagments that Unisys had signed.    
    iTickets Promo This Flash-based promo was designed in the spirit of the original Apple iPod ads.    
    Screensaver This animation was designed to loop continuously on a monitor at a trade show.